Those seeking to change policy or attitudes

Our resources are limited and we receive a huge number of applications. In order to make informed grant decisions we have to focus our grant-giving in a number of ways.  For this reason we fund organisations in UK that are working to influence policy, attitudes and values at a national or international level. These may be single issue groups working to achieve a particular change, or organisations with a broader remit.  We give particular consideration to small pioneering headquarters organisations.  

We only support practical projects when they are clearly of a pioneering nature, with potential for influencing UK national policy. 

UK based charities and non-governmental organisations undertaking charitable activity

We are a UK based grant giving charity. We support the work of UK charities and NGOs undertaking work that is charitable in nature. 

We also support organisations or projects that are not UK based if they can indicate a UK registered charity that is able to receive funds on their behalf and are undertaking work that is international in focus and charitable in nature.

Size of grants and supported organisations 

We usually give grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 per year, for up to three years.  We usually support organisations for whom this would represent between 4% and 50% of their annual income (organisations with an annual income of between £10,000 and £500,000 approximately). 


We do not fund:

  1. organisations that are large (see above)
  2. organisations that are outside UK (unless they are linked with a UK registered charity and doing work of international focus)
  3. work outside the UK (unless it is of international focus) 
  4. grants to individuals
  5. travel bursaries (including overseas placements & expeditions)
  6. study
  7. academic research
  8. capital projects (e.g. building projects or purchase of nature reserves)
  9. community or local practical projects (except innovative projects for widespread application)
  10. youth work, youth training and youth camps 
  11. environmental/ ecological conservation 
  12. international agencies and overseas appeals
  13. general appeals
  14. human rights work (except where it relates to peace and environmental sustainability).
  15. community mediation, criminal or restorative justice work

Interested in applying? 

Organisations who have had an application turned down by PPCF are ineligible to re-apply within twelve months of that application. Before contacting us please see our 'How to Apply' page for further information, where you can download our PPCF Guidelines and other documents that you will need.  Please note that these guidelines apply to unsolicited applications.  Trustees may choose to support other work from time to time at their own discretion.