Corona Virus
In this unprecedented situation, PPCF understands that our grantees may be facing difficulties of many types and would like to reassure them that we understand this and will be as flexible as possible in terms of our requirements in the coming weeks and months…


The Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF) is a grant giving trust with Quaker family roots in the United Kingdom.  We aim to contribute to the development of a just society based on a commitment to nonviolence and environmental sustainability.  Our priority is to address systemic threats by seeking to change policy and attitudes at a national or European level.  In order to do this, in the limited areas described below we support projects that seek to influence values and attitudes, promote equity and social justice, and develop radical alternatives to current economic and social structures. 


What We Fund

Peace and Sustainable Security

We support work that addresses the underlying causes of violent conflict and the development of ways to prevent and resolve conflict


Environmental Sustainability

We support work that addresses the pressures and conditions that contribute to global environmental breakdown.



PPCF's grant-making is managed by a board of trustees who have a wealth of experience in grant-making and who give their time freely to undertake the work of the foundation:

Jonathan Gillett

Juliet Prager

Angela Seay

Dorothy Ball

Simon Fisher

Stephen Pittam

They are supported by the Trust Secretary, Christine Oliver.

The day to day running of the foundation is undertaken by the Trust Secretary who works part-time, although usually over five days (Monday to Friday). Enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the website's contact page. Telephone or Skype calls can be arranged by appointment.