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Updated 27/08/2020


The Trustees usually meet twice a year in the Spring and in the Autumn. Deadlines for applications are posted here for the forthcoming year.

PPCF has recently switched to an online application system. The online application form does not differ significantly from the previous application form in terms of the information sought. Prospective applicants should ensure that they fill in the online version, which is now live and is accessible on the main menu or via the link below.

Our next deadline for applications will be will be midnight on Friday 11th September 2020. A number of shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview by a panel of trustees. These interviews will take place in London, or via video conferencing and the dates for this are 14th and 15th October 2020. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by close of business on 1st December 2020. 


The following deadline for applications will be midnight on 5th February 2021. A number of shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview by a panel of trustees. These interviews will either take place in London or via video conferencing and the dates for this are 17th and 18th March 2021 (subject to change). Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by close of business on 14th May 2021. 

If you apply to us before the deadline and do not receive an acknowledgement by a week after the deadline you should contact us immediately by email. If you do not, consideration of your application may be delayed.


Our guidelines and application form are available to download below. Before you begin an application, you may wish to undertake our survey to check your eligibility - Click here. If you have any questions please get in touch with the Trust Secretary - details below.

Before you apply: 

If you are an organisation that is new to PPCF, we would strongly encourage you to get in touch with the Trust Secretary for an informal discussion about your work prior to submitting an application. This can often help organisations to decide whether PPCF is the right funder for them, or what aspects of their work would be most likely to attract PPCF funding, thus saving time and effort. Please send her an email at: or use the website's contact page to arrange a convenient time to talk.


We prefer to receive electronic copies of papers and correspondence. Please send your email to: If for some reason you are not able to send us electronic versions, please contact us by email or phone to arrange for this.

After applying:

Our general policy is that every application received will be acknowledged by email within two weeks, or one week after the deadline (whichever is the sooner). If you do not receive an acknowledgement within this period please email us to check that your application has been received to avoid any delay in considering your application.

We endeavour to give brief feedback to everyone who submits an application to us.

Reporting and Other Correspondence

Reporting, Response, Feedback and Complaints:

Existing grantees should download our reporting form below to report on their work. Reports are due one year after the date of the initial grant and annually thereafter, for the life of the grant. Subsequent years' funding, for multi-year grants, is contingent on satisfactory reporting. When reporting to us, we would like you to mention the outputs of your work (i.e. what you did - reports produced and disseminated, meetings held, newsletters produced, activities undertaken etc); the outcomes from your work (i.e. the immediate results - increases in web site activity, responses from your target audience etc); and the impact (i.e. the ultimate achievements that relate to your goals). You are also required to confirm that all funding was spent according to charity law.

Reports should be submitted electronically.

Please feel free to contact us by email with questions or feedback you may have.

If you wish to complain about about PPCF or any of its staff or trustees we request that you write to us.  In the first instance please contact us by email or phone for the address. We will ask you to mark your envelope 'COMPLAINT  F.A.O. CHAIR PPCF', and your letter will be forwarded un-opened to our Chair who will seek to address the issue responsively and promptly.

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