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Who we are

The Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF) is a grant giving trust with Quaker family roots. We aim to contribute to the development of a just society based on a commitment to nonviolence and environmental sustainability.  Our priority is to address systemic threats by seeking to change policy and attitudes at a national, European or international level. We do this through supporting projects that seek to influence values and attitudes, promote equity and social justice, and develop radical alternatives to current economic and social structures. 


The time is now

Humanity teeters on the brink of a climate and biodiversity crisis, in an increasingly insecure world. Because of this emergency, Polden Puckham believes that the time is now to support the change that is so urgently needed. We want to empower the people and projects that will make the crucial difference and achieve our vision. We have decided to devote all the resources of the foundation to our mission at this critical time for our future – the clock is ticking.


We cannot continue with ‘business as usual’. Polden Puckham has therefore suspended our usual grant-making timetable and funding criteria and is in the process of developing an alternative methodology and strategy for supporting the change that is needed.


What we plan to do

We plan to ‘spend down’ our endowment over a time-limited period. We will support work in our existing funding areas of Peace and Sustainable Security and Environmental Sustainability, with a particular focus on the intersection between the two.


Peace and Sustainable Security

We will support work that addresses the underlying causes of violent conflict, develops ways to prevent and resolve conflict and promotes human security.


Environmental Sustainability

We will support work that addresses the pressures and conditions that contribute to climate change and global environmental breakdown.


The intersection between the two

We strongly believe that our two funding areas are inextricably linked, so are particularly interested in supporting work that reflects the interconnectedness of the issues. Without swift and radical action to address climate change and biodiversity loss, our environment will be rendered unsustainable and this will lead us further from peace and security and our vision for a just society.


Whilst some elements of our future direction are still to be decided, we can affirm that we are committed to:


  • supporting alternative, creative thinking and radical solutions to address the problems we face, at scale and pace
  • supporting the movements holding power to account and that advocate and press for the necessary changes
  • bringing about policy and system change to achieve a just society based on a commitment to nonviolence and environmental sustainability


Existing funding relationships

Our future funding strategy and criteria may look very different to how we have operated to date. We will shortly be in touch with existing grantees whose grants are due to come to an end within 2021, to discuss our future relationship and how we might support them.



We want to be transparent and to update interested stakeholders with our evolving thinking and plans, primarily through updating this website regularly.


PPCF Guidelines

PPCF Report Template October 2018

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