The Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF) is a grant giving trust with Quaker family roots in the United Kingdom.  We aim to contribute to the development of a just society based on a commitment to nonviolence and environmental sustainability.  Our priority is to address systemic threats by seeking to change policy and attitudes at a national or European level.  In order to do this, in the limited areas described below we support projects that seek to influence values and attitudes, promote equity and social justice, and develop radical alternatives to current economic and social structures.


What We Fund

Peace and Sustainable Security

We support the development of ways of resolving violent conflicts peacefully, and of addressing their underlying causes.

Environmental Sustainability

We support work that addresses the pressures and conditions that risk global environmental breakdown.

Other issues

We no longer accept new applications under this category.  Existing multi-year grants will continue to their completion under our usual terms and conditions.  We will continue to fund work on corporate social responsibility under our Environmental Sustainability and Peace & Sustainable Security headings.  Please contact the Secretary with any questions you may have about this.  



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